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Turkey Ankara High Speciality HospitaL

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Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Medical Education

Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex



1977 - 1983 - İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty - Medical Education

1985 - 1989 - Turkey Ankara High Specialty Hospital - Urology - Specialist

Scientific Publications

1-İzak DALVA, Murat BEYAZIT, Faruk GÖNENÇ, Ali EROL, Erdem AKBAY, Selahattin ÇETİN: Successful renal vein reconstruction with an autologous saphenous vein graft in renal transplantation.Transplantology, 3(4):183-184,1992

2-Ali EROL, Semih SARGIN, Erdem AKBAY, Murat ŞAMLI, Suat ÖZGÜR, Selahattin ÇETİN: An alternative technique for ureterocolonic anastomosis: Ten years of experience International Urology and Nephrology, 25(5).445-453, 1993

3-Ali EROL, Semih SARGIN, İzak DALVA, Zeki Ender GÜNEŞ, Erdem AKBAY, Ahmet Hamdi YAZICIOĞLU: Endoscopic transvaginal bladder neck suspension for stress urinary incontinence. International Urology and Nephrology, 26(5):513-518, 1994

4-Ali EROL, Suat ÖZGÜR, Murat BAŞAR, Selahattin ÇETİN: Trial with Bacillus Calmette-Guerin and Epirubicin combination in the prophylaxis of superficial bladder cancer. Urologia Internationalis, 52:69-72, 1994

5-Ali EROL, Suat ÖZGÜR, Uğur EROL, Figen ÖZGÜR, Yavuz AKMAN, Volkan ÖZGÜVEN, Rıfkı HAZIROĞLU, Selahattin ÇETİN: Partial bladder reconstruction with pedicled rectus and gracilis muscle flaps: An experimental study in dogs. British Journal of Urology, 74:775-778, 1994

6-Ali EROL, Suat ÖZGÜR, Nüvit TAHTALI, Erdem AKBAY, İzak DALVA, Selahattin ÇETİN: Bacillus Galmette-Guerin(BCG) Balanitis as a complication of intravesical BCG immunotherapy: A case report. International Urology and Nephrology, 27(3):307-310, 1995

7-Suat ÖZGÜR, Ali EROL, Zeki GÜNEŞ, İzak DALVA, Selahattin ÇETİN: Predictive value of a new scoring system for the outcome of primary in-situ experimental extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of upper ureteral calculi. European Urology, 28:36-39, 1995

8-Feridun ŞENGÖR, Kubilay ERDOĞAN, Deniz TUZLUOĞLU, Suat ÖZGÜR, Ali EROL, Tuncay SÖZER: Neodymium:YAG visual laser ablation of the prostate. European Urology, 29:446-449, 1996

9-Feridun ŞENGÖR, Melih BEYSEL, Kubilay ERDOĞAN, Ali EROL, Deniz TUZLUOĞLU: İntravesical epirubicin in the prophylaxis of superficial bladder cancer. International Urology and Nephrology, 28(2):201-206, 1996

10-Laurence S BASKIN, Ali EROL, Ying Wu LI, Gerald R CUNHA: Anatomical studies of hypospadias. Journal of Urology.160:1108-1115, 1998

11-Laurence S BASKIN, Ali EROL, Ying Wu LI, Wen Hui LIU, Eric KURZROCK, Gerald R CUNHA: Anatomical studies of the human clitoris. Journal of Urology.162:1015-1020, 1999

12-Ali EROL, Laurence S BASKIN, Ying Wu LI, Wen Hui LIU: Anatomical studies of the urethral plate: Why preservation of the urethral plate is important in hypospadias repair. British Journal of Urology , 85:728-734, 2000

13-Laurence S BASKIN, Ali EROL, Ying Wu LIU, Wen Hui LIU: Anatomy of the neurovascular bundle: Is safe mobilization possible? Journal of Urology(Pediatric supplement), 164:977-980, 2000

14-Laurence S BASKIN, Ali EROL, Priya JEGATHEESAN, Ying WU LIU, Wen HUI LIU, Gerald R CUNHA: Urethral seam formation and hypospadias. Cell Tissue Res, 305: 379-387, 2001

15-Uğur EROL, Mesut GÜRDAL, Ali EROL, Rüknettin ASLAN, Dildar KONUKOĞ lu, Hale ONMUŞ: Is midazolam effective as an antioxidant in preventing reperfusion injury in rat kidney? Int Urol Nephrol, 4(33), 2002

16- Mesut GÜRDAL, Ali EROL: Malignant mesothelioma of tunica vaginals testis associated with long-lasting hydrocele: Could hydrocele be an etiological factor? Int Urol Nephrol, 32: 687-689, 2001

17-Kamil ÇAM, Ferda ŞENEL, Yavuz AKMAN, Ali EROL : The efficacy of an abbreviated model of international prostate symptom score in evaluating benign prostatic hyperplasia. BJU Int, 91(3):186-189, 2003.

18- Kamil ÇAM, Yavuz AKMAN, Ali KAYIKÇI, Ferda ŞENEL, Ali EROL: The short term subjective efficacy of doxazosin in predicting probability of prostatectomy in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia in patients with severe symptoms. Int J Urol, 10: 582-586, 2003

19- Kamil ÇAM, Yavuz AKMAN, Bülent ÇİÇEKÇİ, Ferda ŞENEL, Ali EROL: The Mode of Administration of International Prostate Symptom Score in Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: Physician versus Self. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 7: 41-44, 2004

20- Yavuz AKMAN, Kamil ÇAM, Osman AKYÜZ, Ali EROL: Isolated congenital urethrocutaneous fistula. Int J Urol, 12: 417-418, 2005.

21- Kamil ÇAM, Murat ŞENER, Ali KAYIKÇI, Yavuz AKMAN, Ali EROL: Combined periprostatic and intraprostatic local anesthesia for prostate biopsy: A double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized trial, J Urol, 180: 141-145, 2008

22- Kamil ÇAM, Ali KAYIKÇI, Yavuz AKMAN, Ali EROL: Prospective assessment of the efficacy of single dose versus traditional 3-day antimicrobial prophylaxis in 12-core transrectal prostate biopsy. Int J Urol, 15 (11): 997-1001, 2008.

23. Ayşe KARATAŞ, Murat DÖŞOĞLU, Tuğba ZEYREK, Ali KAYIKÇI, Ali EROL, Belgin CAN: The effects of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy on the rat spinal cord. Spinal Cord, 46, 627-632, 2008

24- Ali EROL, Ali KAYIKCI, Omur MEMIK, Kamil CAM, Yavuz AKMAN: Single vs double dartos interposition flaps in preventing urethrocutaneous fistula after tubularized incised plate urethroplasty: a prospective randomized study(Urol Int.;83(3):354-8, 2009

25- Ali EROL, Kamil ÇAM, Ali TEKİN, Ömür MEMİK, Soner ÇOBAN, Yavuz ÖZER: High power diode 980 laser vaporization of the prostate: Results of the life procedure after a follow-up of 6monthsJ Urol. Sep;182(3):1078-82, 2009

26- Kamil ÇAM, Ali KAYIKÇI, Ali EROL.: Prospective evaluation of the efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis before cystoscopy. Indian J Urol. ;25(2):203-6., 2009

27-Lina Maria Carmona Echeverria, Ali Erol, Mohamad Habous, Fernando Gomez Sancha, Carlo Luigi Augusto Negro, Gordon Hugh Muir Multicentre prospective study of the Evolve™ Dual 150W Laser for Bladder Outflow Obstruction – 1 year follow-up. Journal of Endourology(baskıda)

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