A Method of Treatment Coming From Thousands Years Ago: Thermal

A Method of Treatment Coming From Thousands Years Ago: Thermal

24 December 2018 10:23

What is Thermal?

Thermal means “hot spring water” or “service providers of treatment benefiting hot spring water”. Underground sources gushing out with 20 degree or over, cthontaining various gases, minerals, salts and radioactive materials are called “thermal”. This Notion is often confused with hot springs, but hot springs is the name of facilities established around the places where mineral waters comes out earth. Thermal is the general name by looking features of waters.

It is understood after researches that thermal is good for treatments of various illnesses.

Types of Mineral Waters

According to diversity of their chemical structure, mineral waters are divided into below categories:

  • With bicarbonate

  • Sulfated

  • Salty

  • Sulphurous

  • With carbon dioxide

  • Ferrous

  • Arsenic

  • Iodized

  • Karışık

  • Radioactive

Do you know how thermal waters form?

Thermal waters are healing sources completely coming out from nature. Underground water forms by leakage of some water fell down to earth through rains. Water boiled and evaporated under ground follows fault lines and comes out to the earth as hot water source. Hot water sources are common in places where earthquakes and volcanos are common too.

Area of Us for Thermal Waters

Thermal waters with its miraculous value are used by hot spring facilities, SPAs, centers for thermal treatment and hotels for healing purposes as people did centuries ago. Applying methods can make different effects in every person according to the services of facilities and features of water.

Thermal water is applied by:

  • Bath

  • Drinking

  • Breathing

  • Climate Cure

  • Physical Treatment

  • Mud Bath

  • Rehabilitation

  • Physical Education

  • Massage

  • Psychotherapy

Thermal water is prepared and applied in cures under supervision of specialist doctors. These cures are applied both in primary and secondary treatments personally.

Aim of the treatments applied by thermal sources is bringing patient’s health back. In detail, the targeted main aims of this treatment are increasing patient’s body resistance and reducing complaints, fastening healing process, providing better general conditions and preventing permanent damages.

Thermal water and resources loaded with minerals and gases in our country extremely well developed and popular place for thermal tourism provides treatment opportunities for illnesses of thousands of people each day. Requested route to benefit from rich thermal sources under Professional services points out Turkey.

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