Advices To Increase Your Life Quality

Advices To Increase Your Life Quality

04 January 2019 12:55

Living is so important for all of us. Because it is unique. We have no chance to go back, we have no magic wand in our hands to bring what we want. And we have no fairy mom coming out from tales.

We need to live our unique lives in comfort as much as possible. We need to have more serenity more love and more health in our lives. People and memories with them that make us smile when we remember need to take up more space in ourselves.

By means of comfort to increase our life quality, of course we do not mean living with focus on things in luxury and for this having more money. What we exactly mean is starting your soul to feel soundness like feeling rains touching your skin.

Well, how can we feel this in our soul and body?

Start Your Day With Breakfast!

“Breakfast should be related with happiness” says poet. It really does. The best way to start your day with fit and health is a good breakfast.

Try to Cook!

It is true that cooking stimulates positive emotions. Dealing with foods or cooking, preparing food makes you feel success and proud of. Additionally, eating what you cook makes you happy.

Grow Plants!

Taking care of a plant or a flower reduces your stress and worry. Because there is a bacteria called “Mycobacterium Vaccae”, natural antidepressant, in soil. It is true that plants make positive changes on electrical functions of brain.

Be a Volunteer!

Helping somebody and seeing that you can do something for them give you joy and enthusiasm. People learned giving and not expecting payback feel like they find different secret of life.

Keep a Diary to Write Down The Things That You Do For Yourself!

Being regular helps you to gain habit. Keeping a personal diary is useful for you to follow a plan or programme and remember what you do better.

Try to Color Your Life!

Coloring your life can be only changing the color of your wall… Viewing the blue of the sky, the green of the nature… Choosing more colorful clothes… In short making your life more colorful can make you a more peaceful and more energetic person.


The benefits of walking everday regularly is actually countless. In short, it protects your heart and lungs, reduces your stress, affects losing weight.

Integrate With Nature!

Most studies until today show that the effect of nature on human psychology is that the more you are close to nature, the more you feel happiness. So, do not forget that feeling more happiness is closely related with being closer to the nature and behave according to this fact.

Be Curious About Learning!

It is inevitable that the basic motive of a person or generally humanbeing to make progress is curiosity. Because curiosity is the most important driving force of progress. And feeling increasingly developed gives you a pleasant satisfaction sense.

Read More!

Read more because we have one chance to live. But we can have more than one chance by learning experinces of people that live in different ways. So we say that to live more we need to read more!

Watch More!

It is useful to remember that sometimes imagination is more important than knowledge. Our imagination has no limit while the things we know or we could know have. This makes it more comprehensive than knowledge. At this point of view, watching facilitates to have yields that both improve our imagination and ourselves socially.

Do a Sport!

Doing a sport helps you to either cure you psychologically, strengthen your muscles, increase your resistance or avoid depression and anxiety and gain spiritedness generally.

Minimize Things You Have!

Life is already crowded and complex. Crazy consumption dominating the world tells us we always need more and this transforms us to a person who desires to have everything and worries about that. Then why not we try to be more peaceful with less enough?

Give More Place To Music in Your Life!

There is some times that music takes you like a whirlpool. Music with the definition of “Art that gives self-expression chance to people by sounds” actually gives explanation that how music is important for humanbeing. Universal language, impact on psychological and physiological progress… What else can be!

Get Rid of Others!

“What does he say, what do others say?” we can not get rid of people with thinking like that. As long as we don’t get rid of, we could not live our lifes in a way we desire. We are all human and each of us has different social, economical, educational, etc. conditions, so as our perspective and expectations. Please take care tol ive without thinking others’ words, because they care the things you do just in a way that whether or not they are beneficial for them, not in a way that whether or not they are good.

Frequently Give Presents!

Actually giving presents is a nice habit and it is instinctive. This should be perceived as a signal of love and an intimate appreciation for presenting gratitude. Briefly why not we do not have such a habit that makes both giver and receiver happy…

Go Over Your Fears!

It is always said that fear is a self-fed monster. Telling that it is necessary to go over fears is more easy than doing. The difficult thing is to find a way to do that and show this courage.

Discover New Places!

Gaining experience to widen your environment and scope… Discovering people, traditions and life styles different from us and our environment feeds and improves us.

Take More Time For Your Family and Loved Ones!

Yes, you are busy at work, you have career plans, house works are waiting to be done, may be you have children. In short, you have no time to take for your loved ones and your family. Don’t do that, let’s stop making excuses and start to make a programme to spend time with them. Be sure that the time spending with them is more important than your career steps and laundering.

Listen and Love Yourself!

We live in such a crowded world that the voices of everything drown out your own voice and make it muted. We become such a person that cannot listen and understand himself. Whereas we need to listen ourselves to love ourselves and find peace in ourselves.

Listen Live Music!

Every moment has its uniqueness anda ura in itself that can not be returned. Being in such a memory that has this kind of energy strengthens your life experience.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Plenty of Vegetable!

A person having healthy nutrition always feels himself comfortable and vigorous. There is a low risk of disease for this people. When they are ill, they get well soon. People having unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition can be ill more easily.

Find a Hobby!

Finding a hobby is the discovery of a different way for self-expression. Creativity in human soul and desire to produce can only come up with the help of a hobby most suitable for you and add meaning to your life.

Do Breathing Exercise!

By the way of our breathing we can regulate our moods, reduce anxiety, relax, increase our attention and productivity. So we need to learn the right way of breathing and as per our conditions we should frequently do breathing exercises. Three minutes in a day is enough for that.

Solve Crossword!

AS solving crossword improves your feelings and verbal skills, it reduces risk of Alzheimer and stress. It also helps to become social.

Spend Time With Children!

Yes… Try to spend time with children to get away the situation especially if you are upset and bored. Their innocence, desire to learn something and smile keep you away from boredom for a moment, have a good time and provide psychological rest even you are tired physically.

We wish you peace…

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