Become A Brand At Health Tourism

Become A Brand At Health Tourism

24 December 2018 08:40

There are a lot of industries and subcategories and they have aims like to be known and to be a brand. Here at this point advertisement seems indispensable and for to be honest it is compulsory. Advertisement, with its feature of being a very powerful tool of communication, assumes roles to create an impact on targeted consumer segment and lead its segment to buy by affecting its way of thinking and habits and increase the profitability of the company.

On Advertising Industry in Turkey…

Of course world comprehend the importance of ads, what about Turkey?

Advertisement and publicity are actually very serious investments for manufacturers and other type of companies. This perception is accepted by western countries and Europe and systematized in this way. But unfortunately, ads and publicity are accepted as an item of expense and a serious expenditure. Of course it is difficult to get efficiency and return value with this way of thinking. On the contrary, companies that see ads and publicity as an investment tool and persist in this way earn higher revenues, because these companies can create an brand identity and increase awareness by advertising. And this gains push the companies to consciously be a brand.

When we look at the rates of investment for ads and publicity in Turkey, we see very low numbers. While the rate of publicity is around 2 percent, this rate drops behind 0,4 percent in Turkey. Since of course advertising industry is not out of economy, the increase of this rate in Turkey means revival of economy. Advertising industry progresses in parallel with general economic conditions. Especially when the economy is in a congestion, advertising industry exposes the first impact. Advertising industry is so important for Turkey not only with its economic value but also with its driving force providing for economy. This industry has the potential to set other industries going.

For example the average amount of advertising consumption per capita is 20 Eur in Turkey, while it is 244 Eur in Europe. As per results of 2006 data, there are 340 tv channels in Turkey, 24 national, 76 cable, rest of regional or local. In 2006, while 14.000 companies worked with 17.000 brands for such a practice, there are only a hundred advertising companies provide full service during such practices.

After briefing about advertising industry, let’s look at the practices in health tourism

Sector and how we can improve this.

Awareness, Ads and Publicity of Health Tourism 

Health tourism sector has different features than other sectors because of the reasons such as, people have different diseases and different expectations from health services, people are subjected to different medical interventions, prices and operations and they are expecting specific benefits from the process and health tourism sector has an intangible consumption.

Right Way of Advertising for Health Tourism Sector…

a. Be simple:

People are exposed too many messages for too different sectors. To pull away from this intensity and complexity, messages for orienting health tourism need to be designed to be simple and easily memorable and have a clearly understantable language.

b. Be attractive:

Do not forget that the attractive message is so important to provide direct target group to a desirable way and obtain behaviour change. Golden rule of this sector is to perceive:

“Not creating a health service demand for people, but creating a right orientation fort he need of health service”

c. Show evidence:

Especially give chapter and verse to the articles published in scientific journals, give emphasize on accreditation certificate and prove the opinion and promise physically are so important.

d. Be permanent:

Positive results and serious feedbacks getting from publicity activities depend on efforts keep going for years by showing continuity consistently and steadily. Otherwise, unfortunately you could get neither efficiency nor awareness.

e. Be collaborator:

Public and private institutions need to collaborate on publicity activities. In the countries having the largest market share in health tourism, only unions for developing health tourism and tourism authorities work in collaboration.

f. Be convincing:

This is health industry, of course we need to take our power from true and convincing information. We need to avoid exaggerated, complex phrases as much as possible and we need to prefer a simple language.

g. Be careful about timing:

Indisputably, success of advertising is closely related with right timing. According to political view, it will be the right time for publicity that you have normal political relationship with the country that you do advertising.

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