Do You Know How Beneficial Egg Is For Our Health?

Do You Know How Beneficial Egg Is For Our Health?

13 February 2019 10:23

The benefits of egg that can be in almost everything like breakfasts, meals, soups, patties and muffins are countless. White part of the egg which is a very important food source for human health contains substantial amount of protein. With its quality and rich content of protein, egg plays a great role for providing protein requirement of body. Yellow part of the egg contains excessive amount of calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron. Of course it is useful to know that body also needs vitamin C to use iron. That’s why it is more beneficial to consume egg with foods having vitamin C.

Egg also contains amino acids with balanced amounts which needs to be taken from outside into the body. Beside, it contains high amount of vitamins A, B, D, E and many other vitamins that are highly essential for human health.

• One egg is approximately 70 calories. Although it has low calorie, it can keep you satiated for a long time because of its protein content.

• There is biotin in yellow part. Egg is one of the most important source of this vitamin which is very important for hair, nail and brain development.

• It provides good cholesterol to increase. Egg creates a protective mechanism against heart health problems by increasing good cholesterol with its contents.

• It is important for muscle and bone development. It plays an important role for muscle and bone development with its high protein level. So, it is indispensable for athletes.

• It has a structure that feeds body. It integratedly feeds human body with its vitamins and amino acids.

• One of the benefits of egg containing choline is to be good for brain health. You can prevent from probable memory losses by regularly consuming eggs.

• It reduces the risk of occurance for many types of cancers first breast cancer.

• It helps immune system tos tay stronger.

• It is quite beneficial for eye health.

Finally, Do You Want To Look At Nutritive Values Of Egg?

(Medium Uncooked Egg – App. 45 gr)

• 65 calorie

• 4 gr fat

• 32.6 mg Omega 3 fatty acid

• 505 mg Omega 6 fatty acid

• 110 mg choline

• 33.4 gr water

• 186 mg cholesterol (62% of daily need)

• 5.5 gr protein (11% of daily need)

• 214 IU vitamin (4% of daily need)

• 15.4 IU vitamin D (4% of daily need)

• 0.4 mg vitamin E (2% of daily need)

• 0.2 mg riboflavin (2% of daily need)

• 0.1 mg vitamin B6 (3% of daily need)

• 20.7 mcg folate (5% of daily need)

• 0.6 mcg vitamin B12 (9% of daily need)

• 23.3 mg calcium (2% of daily need)

• 0.8 mg iron (4% of daily need)

• 5.3 mg magnesium (1% of daily need)

• 84 mg phosphorus (8% of daily need)

• 59 mg potasium (2% of daily need)

• 61.6 mg sodium (3% of daily need)

• 0.5 zinc (3% of daily need)

• 13.9 mcg selenium (20% of daily need)

Note: Values are approximate.

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