In Where Health Tourism Is Done in Turkey?

In Where Health Tourism Is Done in Turkey?

24 December 2018 10:42

About Health Tourism

Health tourism is not only the travels for the aim of treatment but also an important type of tourism leading health institutions in Turkey to grow. Health tourism is done both in domestic and abroad and it has plenty of types.

Evolution of health tourism in the means of both economical and employment takes highly important place with taking contribution to economics into consideration.

There are private hospitals giving medical treatment in our country and the thing making these hospitals more special than others is that the patients can both be treated and at the same time have a holiday.

Turkey is at the top rows of the list made for success at health tourism. It is valuable with thermal sources, geographical and physical features. Also, reasonable prices, developed technology and doctors specialized at their fields are quite popüler factors that attract patients.

There are more than health institutions in Turkey accredited with international standards by JCI. Public and university hospitals foremost in İstanbul and Ankara are equipped with highest technology. Lots of hospitals in our country give health services with an advanced technology for oncological treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, brain surgery, pediatric surgery, aesthetic surgery, eye and teeth treatments. Also, cyberknife, robotic surgery, MR services, bone marrow and organ transplantation can be in the same hospitals.

Ministry of Health gives 7/24 services in Arabic, English, German and Russian under lines 112 for emergency and 184 for complaints and there is interpretership in hospitals for international patients. All our hospitals give service according to national accreditation criterias and they are inspected two times in a year.

Where Health Tourism Is Done?

Health tourism aims to satisfy your needs of both being treated and having a holiday is done at private hospitals. Institutions other than hospitals giving thermal health services are also convenient for health tourism. Today, there are various health tourism institutions in cities having related sources for health tourism. These institutions operate at plenty of fields to patients and clients.

Major Cities in Turkey Convenient for Health Tourism


İstanbul is a cultural city that bridges Europe and Asia. Summers are generally hot while air conditions in winter differ because of cold waves. You can reach İstanbul by highway, airway and seaway. İstanbul, metropolis city of Turkey, has the maximum number of private hospitals accredited by JCI. Also alternative health care services are provided by Tuzla Thermal Springs.


Antaly is in Mediterranean Region. It is the first place come to mind in terms of sea, sand and sun. Tourists around the world flock to Antalya in summers if it is s oto say. Besides it has a lot of historical places. It is known as the capital of sea tourism. Damlataş Thermal Spring which is one of the most important thermal springs fascinates people with its images inside. The first effects that visitors realized are carbondioxide inside and low level of tempera.


İzmir is in Aegean Region. İzmir known for its natural beauties and historical places has domestic and foreign visitors during the year. It is called as “Pearl of Aegean”. It has important thermal springs. So that, it keeps going its function of handing out cure with its thermal places such as Balçova Agamemnon, Allianoi, Asklepion, Karakoç, Çeşme-Şifne (Reisdere) like it did in ancient ages.


In large area of the city, climate changes occur from time to time. While steppe climate which is the marked characteristic of Inner Anatolia climate is seen on south, temperate and rainy features of Blacksea climate is common on north. Continental climate reigns in the region, so temperatures in winter are low and the summers are hot. Thermal waters of Kızılcahamam is 47 degree in big source, 44 degree in small source, 19,5 degree in mineral water source and 37 degree in bitter water source. Water is in hyperthermal hypotonic waters class in terms of its physical and chemical compound. Accomodation around thermal water serves for drinking and bath cures. While drinking cure is effective on liver, gall bladder, stomach, bowel and metabolism diseases, bath cure is effective on heart, circulatory system disorders and rheumatism.


Bursa is at south east part of Marmara Sea. It generally has temperate climate but it differs by regions. In contrast to harsh climate and rainfalls in south of Uludağ, soft climate reigns in north. Bursa can be reached by motorway, airway or seaway.

There are more than fifteen public hospitals and eight private hospitals, three of them are accredited, giving health care service.

It is rich of mineral springs and thermals. Bursa has been a haunt for centuries in terms of thermal tourism. It has three mineral springs and eight thermal springs. Its healing water is used for treatment of many diseases. Bursa plays a big role in winter tourism. One of the biggest ski center of our country, Uludağ, is in this city. It is highly preferred to benefit from medical tourism in winters.

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