Miraculous Health From Nature: SPA

Miraculous Health From Nature: SPA

24 December 2018 09:22

SPA is defined as health born of water. It is the Latin abbreviation of “Salus Per Aguam”. Centers applying treatments and services benefiting from healing power of water are called SPA.

SPA, rapidly developing sector worldwide, is being used in hotels and health centers arounda the world. It is a striking treatment for both beauty and health.

The Oldest Type of Treatment in History

SPA has a history going back to Roman period. SPA methods used in huge baths created for healing soldiers wounded at wars of those times reached today and they adopted as a method of treatment by the whole world.

It is widely used in thermal hotels, SPA centers, etc. in Turkey.

Types of SPA

  • Medical/Health SPA: Treatment centers servicing by health staff

  • Vacation/Hotel/Resting Place/Resort SPA: Wellness and fitness services given together by certified people at hotels

  • Thermal/Thermal Springs/Mineral SPA: Hydrotherapy centers established in regions near to thermal resources

Popular SPA Methods

  • Steam Bath: Type of massage for exorcising of toxins by applying water vapor to the requested area of the body

  • Fango: Known as mud bath and effective for fastening blood pressure

  • Aromatherapy: Usage of essential oils derived from some of aromatic plant shells, flower leafs, boughs, cones, seeds or distillation of fruits for physical, emotinal and psychological health.

  • Swedish Massage: Type of massage applying to the middle of the back, feet and arms

  • Salt Peeling: Massage by using thick salt pieces to get rid of dead skin from the body

  • Thalasso: Method of therapy using of sea water containing minerals and beneficial elements like magnesium, iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium.

What are the benefits of SPA?

SPA, purely natural way of treatment and relaxation, prepares the ground for endless benefits:

  • Helps to get over the problems like sleeping disorders and stress

  • Helps to have more healthier skin by eliminating skin problems

  • Provides to get rid of dead skin from the body

  • Fastens blood pressure

  • Provides muscles to be more soften and flexible

  • Heals joint discomforts

  • Helps digestive system to work steadily

  • Helps to get rid of fats from the body

  • Helps to heal rheumatic disorders

SPA, one of the most pleasant methods of treatment applied to feel yourself better, offers you health born by water…

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