People Prefer Turkey for Health Tourism

People Prefer Turkey for Health Tourism

24 December 2018 05:13

Increase of collaboration and opportunities between countries, ease of transportation, improvement of quality of health care in different parts of world and difficulties either individual supported or governmental budget supported with financing of health care with the globalization of World gradually increase importance of health tourism concept.

Health tourism means visiting of other countries other than the country be lived in to get services for protection, cure, rehabilitation and enhancing health. In other words, health tourism is a sector providing growth for health care institutions by using the potential of health targeted international mobility.

Health tourism is divided into four categories: Thermal Health Tourism, Medical Tourism, Tourism for Older People, Tourism for People With Disabilities

Well, according to what reasons people decide the country that they will go for health tourism? If the country:

  • is advanced at health tourism,

  • has advantages of its geographical and political location

  • is good at technological hardware

  • is a good place for tourism

 Above are some of the reasons that effect people to chose a country for health tourism.

The place of Turkey

Turkey has rapidly growing and increasing acceleration at health tourism sector in last decade. As an example by numbers, in 2016 751.000 health tourists and in 2017 765.000 health tourists have visited our country. The average amount spent by these tourists is over 9.000 US Dollars. Share of our country in health tourism is 7,2 billion dollars.

While we had only one hospital with license for liver transplantation when we started health tourism ten years ago, now we can do liver transplantation in fifteen hospitals. With technology and investments, the number of centers for transplantation, liver transplantation, stem cell transplantation and bone marrow transplantation accredited by Ministry of Health are incresing. While our capacity for foreign patients increase, we can accept serious cases and our average income increases with acceptance of these serious cases. Today, you can earn fifty or sixty thousand dollars income if bone marrow transplantation is made from a family member and one hundred thousand dollars if it is made from a foreigner.

Additionally, our country is between the countries providing quality services of hair transplantation. One hundred thousand tourists visit Turkey for hair transplantation.

In 6 languages, 7/24 Service

International Patient Call Center serves in 6 languages for 7/24. You can get all kind of consultation for the languages: English, French, Arabic, Persian and Russian.

Patients of obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and traumatology, internal medicine and aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery take the first five rows of health tourism. Patients from Germany take the first row, especially our expatriates choose our country for health tourism.

Countries like Iraqi Azerbaijan, Libya substantially prefer our country for health touris. But additionally, we have international patients from Africa even from USA and England.

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