Squeeze Health Into Your Glass!

Squeeze Health Into Your Glass!

16 January 2019 01:53

Our health of course is more important than anything. Consuming fruits is also important for our health. Because fruits are rich of minerals and vitamins vital for our body. But some people can not fall into a habit of eating fruits. And I’m that kind of person too. Well, then what will happen? Will we be lack of these minerals and vitamins? Of course not!

Then Let’s Squeeze Fruits!

All fruits contain fructose. Fructose is not harmfull as long as the level does not exceed daily calorie need. Fruits not chopped contain fiber and the sugar is in fruit cells. It takes some time for digestive system to split these cells and for fructose to be in blood. But this delay is not applicable for squeezed fruit juices. So, fructose in juices is quickly being absorbed in our body.

Juices of citrus, pomegranate, apple, carrot or similar fruits can be consumed. Daily consumption of 2 glasses of fruit juice is enough. As excess of everything can be harmful, consuming excess amount of fruit juice can damage our body, so we need to avoid over consumption.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate with its little red pieces making you smile is called as a natural medicine. It strengthens immune system and provides body resistance against infections.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is indispensable for winter months… It protects people from cold with Vitamin C inside. Orange also contains Vitamin B, potassium, calcium, magnesium beside Vitamin C. It is also rich of fibers, organic acids and sugar.

Carrot Juice

Carrot is a natural antioxidant that strengthens immune system. This supplies sufficient power for our eyes, immune system, bones and teeth.

Apple Juice

Apple is known by its feature of keeping you full and feeling no hungar, so it is the indispensable fruit of dieters. Moreover it is so delicious and it is useful for our skin. There is plenty of Vitamin C and E in apple juice.

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit is effective on burning calorie and fat and accelerating metabolism and also for gum health. It also have feature to increase effectiveness of medicines. If you are a smoker this is for you: Grapefruit is helpful for getting nicotine out of the body and reducing eager for smoking.

If you struggle from eating fruits, let’s squeeze them to stay healthy and strengthen your immune system.

One glass of delicious health… Mmmmmm….

Bon appetit! :) 

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