Thermal Tourism in Turkey

Thermal Tourism in Turkey

24 December 2018 09:08

What is Thermal Tourism?

Thermal health tourism is a kind of health tourism consisting of some treatments applied under control and supervision of a doctor by benefiting from environmental and climate factors of thermal springs area to make a positive contribution to people’s health. Treatments mostly for rehabilitating such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, psychotherapy, diet, etc. are given in thermal tourism field.

The first thing to be a thermal tourism facility is the presence of natural resource. And the other thing to be appropriate for being a thermal tourism facility is to be able to afford consumers’ expectations.

Thermal tourism defines the visits to the facilities established for benefiting from geothermal water with over 20 degree temperature comprising minerals to clean, rest and freshen up.

Thermal Tourism In Turkey

Turkey is a priviliged location with its rich thermal spring sources and appropriate climate conditions for health tourism. Our country has an extremely high potential with its location on Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt.

All geographic regions of Turkey, only Mediterranean and Black Sea with limited numbers, have thermal spring water sources. ın our country, there are about 200 active thermal service areas in 46 cities.

Lower temperature limit of the water used for balneologic is 20 degrees. According to this information, thermal water resources is suitable in terms of temperature. Natural water supply and abundant water yield, flow and temperature of thermal water, high value of melted mine, richness of sulfur, radon and salt, ability to be integrated to other types of tourism because of geographical location take thermal water supplies of Turkey one step further among others in the world.

Evaluation of Thermal Tourism Between Regions of Turkey 

Marmara Region

This region has quite important advantages with regard to the number of tourists, diversity of transportation, cultural heritage, various types of tourism and accomodation places. First actions for improving thermal tourism in the early ages of republic was being started in this region. Turkey’s first modern facility has been built in Yalova, one of the cities of this region. This facility is still being operated by Ministry of Health. Again the modern facilities in İstanbul, Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Sakarya and Bursa, the cities of this region, contribute both domestic and foreign tourism.

Aegean Region

This region is rich of thermal resources. Almost all the cities in this region have thermal resources. Especially thermal tourism facilities in İzmir, Afyon, Kütahya and Denizli give modern service for thermal tourism today. A lot of thermal springs spas give service for health tourism and tourism. Easy accessability to this region is the reason to be frequently preferred. Pamukkale in this region announced as World Heritage by UNESCO is a popular preferred place for health tourism. Afyon has substantially great interest because of its mud baths in thermal springs giving different kind of service.

Inner Anatolia Region

There are springs rich of thermal resources Ankara, Sivas, Eskişehir and Nevşehir, the cities of this region. Mostly daily visitors benefit from this region. Additionally residents benefit from thermal springs. In compare to Marmara and Aegean Regions, this region gets less demand because of physical hardware and lack of investment.

Southeast Anatolia Region

Since in this region there are few thermal springs and facilities are insufficient, visits are only daily basis.

East Anatolia and Black Sea Region

Such as Inner Anatolia Region, we can not sufficiently benefit from the sources because of the same reasons. Visits for health tourism are made by daily visitors and residents.

Mediterranean Region

Thermal tourism in this region is beyond coastal tourism and this region has limited thermal tourism sources.

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