What Are The Aims of Health Tourism?

What Are The Aims of Health Tourism?

24 December 2018 05:51

Health Tourism is the kind of tourism that gives opportunity to health institutions to grow by using the potential of international patients together with the patient’s visiting thermal spring or other health institutions to improve his physical conditions or the ones need aesthetic surgery, organ transplantation, dental treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, etc.

Briefly, health tourism is the visits to any other place than you live in either domestic or abroad to get service for any kind of health problem.

The growth of world population, increase in quality of life, increasing costs of health affect countries giving quality health service with low costs to come up. Health tourism sector comes up because of such reasons. Growth of old population is another factor affecting sector.

People act with different aims when giving tourism activities. Relaxation, entertainment, cultural trips are the main aims. Health tourism, as the name implies, has specific aims for participants.

Let’s look at these aims briefly:

  • Tourists visiting another countries for health tourism request quality service in this short time.

  • Tourists visiting another countries for health tourism aim to reach the oppotunites of high health technologies around the world or that do not exist in their own countries.

  • As higher costs of health services especially in West make deterrent effect, tourists prefer health tourism to reduce costs.

  • Beside being treated in short times, desire of travel and to do cultural trips are the main aims of tourists for health tourism.

  • The aim of people with addictions to be in different places.

  • The aim of people with chronic illness, older ages and disabilities to be treated and in different places.

 The aim of getting rid of long patient waiting lines.

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