What is Health Tourism?

What is Health Tourism?

24 December 2018 05:25

The concept of health tourism has been formed with increasing costs of health worldwide, cannot get some treatment in your own country, increase of collaboration and ease of transportation between countries and improvement of health care quality in different areas around world.

Health tourism is the vacations that people go on to different countries with the aim of being treated and getting health care. According to World Tourism Organization, health tourism is the visits that people maket to the institutions related with health such as thermal springs and hospitals with the aim of physically cured ve improved their conditions.

As health tourism aims to provide medical choices for comfort of patients and patients’ relatives, health care services such as physical therapy, treatments at thermal springs with water, therapy, diet programs with the aid of nutritionist are given in the name of health tourism.

According to Ministry of Health, Health tourism divides into three categories:

  • Medical Tourism

  • Tourism for Older People and People with Disabilities (Accessible Tourism)

  • Thermal Health and Medical Spa (SPA Wellness) Tourism

Medical Tourism is a kind of health tourism that tourists from all around the world get health care service from health institutions at cities/countries other than they lived for being treated or getting rehabilitation.

Tourism for Older People and People with Disabilities (Accessible Tourism) consists of care, rehabilitation and treatment of older tourists, special car efor tourists with diabilities and tours.

Thermal Health and Medical Spa (SPA Wellness) Tourism consist of more than one treatment. One is thermal spring treatment and physiotherapy. This method is a kind of treatment applied with underground water, sea water, mineral water and main mud used for healing purposes by curings. Elements of climate and natural cures can be applied together in this method. Another method is Thalassotherapy. Thalassotherapy is a method of treatment applied with a medcially examined cure combined with sea materials beneficial for body health such as sea water, sand, stone, moss etc. obtained from sea. Hydrotherapy and Exercise, another method of Thermal Health and Medical Spa (SPA Wellness) Tourism, are highly developed method of treatment in our country. It is applied benefited from water for treatment of some diseases and functional losses. Balneotherapy and Peloidoterapia are another methods. In these methods, cures consisting mixture of healing elements formed by climate of the area, soil and water are applied. Treatment is applied fast by drinking, breathing and bath. The method of treatment is Climate Therapy. In Climate Therapy, humidity and temperature of air and wind intensity, solar radiation etc. are given by cures in systematically doses.

Health Tourism, effectively operates either in the era of important diseases and alternative medicines or hospitals. Patients visit these destinations either in their own country or not mostly with their companion or with families. Because of that accommodation places have been established at specific locations besides hospitals. Even some accommodations are established hospitals on their site, so while patients get treatment, their companions accomodate in comfort situations.

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