What is Substance Addiction? What Addicts Feel and Their Struggle to Release!

What is Substance Addiction? What Addicts Feel and Their Struggle to Release!

04 March 2019 01:14

“Hello… I am Ahmed. I'm completely alone in this world. I've caused all the people I love to pass by me. At first, it made me feel better to use drugs. I thought I had control of this and made me believe that I used it only to feel good. But in time, I realized with very bad experiences that it was not such at all. The control was not in me but in the drug… I started to hurt all the people I love and myself. My relationship with my family and close social environment was never the same. I lost everybody near me in time. Please never give up control of your life to such a thing. There is nothing more important than your family and your loved ones. You don't need any substance to be yourself and feel better.”

The sentences you have just read were the sentences that were poured from the mouth of a substance addict…

Drug dependence rates are increasing rapidly in the world. And, unfortunately, the starting age of substance falls steadily. So, what exactly is the drug addiction? It is the use of substances that adversely affect the functions of the body, while not giving up the use of these substances even though it inflicts harm…

Because, the addict has symptoms of deprivation when it discontinues substance use and, increases the frequency and dose of substance use over time.


What are the effects of drug addiction?

Drugs have different chemical structures. When used, they affect different parts of the central nervous system and cause physical-psychological damage. Anyone who uses it is equal in terms of the risk of being addicted, and there is no safer usage at all. Because, our cells recognize every substance that enters the body and takes it back to memory. This is called the cellular learning process and valid for everybody. Drug use prevents the person from normal life and behavior by disabling the mind and will. It reduces users' harmony with the environment and tears it away from their surroundings and their loved ones. This picture of the lonely individual is accompanied by severe depression.

How to combat drug abuse?

It is necessary to recognize that the generation that is in pursuit of pleasure today, who wants to reach everything immediately and consumes everything immediately, is at great risk for drugs. Lack of familial communication and parents lacking active parenting knowledge are another important risk factor.

The production and trafficking of drugs and stimulants are becoming increasingly difficult all over the world, which in turn lead to an increase in new chemical drugs that are relatively easy to produce and distribute. The fight against such substances requires a serious restructuring, coordinated work with all units, and one-stop management.


Stories of Drug Addicts

I was hospitalized 33 times for my addiction. First of all, they gave me a cigarette containing a substance and asserted to me that I would relax if I inhale it. I started vomiting when I first inhaled it but didn't vomit in the second time. So I became addicted. I was hospitalized 33 times in total, but most of them were with the force of my family and relatives. There was no desire inside me to give up. I've been an addict for 12 years and I want to get rid of it now.

After I became a drug addict, I lost my job and my family. At first I thought I was drinking it for pleasure, but it then turned into addiction. I've been addicted for 4 years now. I lost my job. and can't find a new job and work. I lost love and peace with my family and began to live on the street. I got away from everyone and everything.

I started drugs when I was 13 and I've been addicted for 5 years. I tought that everybody smokes it hence I have to smoke as well and began to use drugs in friend environments. I quit the school. My family was in a good condition, but my addiction also ruined them.

After I started to use drugs, I was completely excluded from work, social and family life. In no way could I get help and support from anyone. Because while I was using drugs, I was completely losing consciousness and becoming severely aggressive. Now I want to get rid of this addiction and return to life.

Keep in mind that if you also want to get away and wake up from this dream that draws you a little more every day, you should start from somewhere!

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