What is the Brain Tumor?

What is the Brain Tumor?

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Tumors mean uncontrolled growth in a tissue that is not supposed to be in our body, or where there should be any tissue. According to this definition, fat beads and meat bones, which we do not care much about in our body, can be considered as a tumor. However, although not every tumor is lethal, there is an exceptional condition of brain tissue in brain tumors. Benign tumors can also be fatal because they are located in a closed chamber in the brain skull. For this reason, even if the indications of brain tumors are not lethal, they must be absolutely under control and correct intervention.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Brain tumor marking plays a very important role in the diagnosis of brain tumor. When good or bad brain tumors reach a certain size, they cause an increase in pressure in the head. Depending on this, the brain can be moved toward one side or occupy the tissues or nerves of the brain and distort its functions. How to understand the brain tumor statement is a question that many people are curious about. Brain tumor indication is seen with increased intracranial pressure. The increase of the head pressure can be understood with some indications. Apathy is a symptom of nausea, vomiting, epileptic seizures, weakness in some parts of your body depending on where the tumor is located in your brain, personality disorders, and impairment of brain tumors in some of your abilities (calculations, writing, etc.). One of the symptoms of the brain tumor is hormonal disorders and related clinical symptoms. For example, attention should be paid to changes such as early puberty, growth in hands and feet, menstrual cycle disorders, hyperthyroidism, cortisol insufficiency or excess. If you notice any of the symptoms of brain tumors, you should definitely see a specialist.

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