Where is the Place of Turkey Between Other Countries in Health Toursim?

24 December 2018 05:45

We frequently witness that when people hear the name Turkey, not good thoughts come to mind. Of course we are not here just to talk about disadvantages. Turkey keeps to shine its star at Health Tourism. Being the intersecting point of East and West with matchless culturel and geographical structure brings Turkey to be a favorite country continuously.

Turkey is the 9th country having plastic surgeons most in World!

Turkey is one of the country mostly preferred for hair transplantation and ophthalmology. Travel agencies abroad sell package service (hotel, flight, aesthetic surgery) to foreign patients. According to data given by Ministry of Health, in 2008 the number of foreign patients visited public and private hospitals is totally 74.093. After six years, the number broke a record by increasing to 300.000. In other words, in six years the number of patients visited Turkey increased by 4 times.

Turkey has great potential in Thermal Spring Tourism!

Turkey is placed on a geothermal zone and for this reason has a great potential in Thermal Spring Tourism. Generally, tourists over 40s prefer thermal spring tourism especially the cities of Afyon, Yalova and Bursa.

Received demands mostly in August!

Turkey obtained demands from foreign patients mostly in August last year. The number of patients in August was 43.000, in July 34.000 and in December 24.000.

- Private hospitals take more attention!

- Mostly Preferred Cities

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