Places In Antalya You Should Visit

Places In Antalya You Should Visit

30 January 2019 03:07

There are a lot of places in Antalya such as ancient cities, museums, waterfalls and azure coves that worth to be seen. Civilizations that host history, cultural architectures, accumulation of these civilitations and natural beauties combining with wonderful climate make Antalya an indispensable city of Turkey. that’s why Antalya is a complete tourist paradise.

If you plan to visit Antalya, we make the list of beauties for you that you should see!


Kaleiçi is a well protected historical place in Turkey and it is an alive site. As heart of Antalya, it witnesses all historical events through Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Selçuklu and Ottoman Empire Periods. It overflows with people and above all it is a vivacious living place with its ancient and historical houses, small cute restaurants and small souvenir shops.

Antalya Museum

The museum is builted to protect historical artifects rescued from despoilment of occupation forces during First World War. It totally serves in 30.000 m2 area of which 7.000 m2 is closed containing 14 art galleries, open air-galleries and garden. At the same time museum drew a special prize of European Commission in 1972 after moving to its today’s place.

Düden Waterfall

In various sources the name of Düden Waterfall is mentioned as Alexander Waterfall. Düden Stream that form waterfall divides into two falls. These two falls is named as Lower Düden Fall and Upper Düden Fall according to their location and they cascade into the Mediterranean.

Konyaaltı Beach

Konyaaltı Beach is one of two biggest beaches of Antalya. It is one of the beutiful places that you can enjoy sea and sun. There is a public beach with 4,5 km length and 70 meters width on 7,5 km long Konyaaltı Beach. Konyaaltı Beach having paid and free sections is one of the place in Antalya that can make you happy.

Lara Beach

Let’s share a small detail that the Word “Lara” means “Sand” in Hittite language. It is the longest beach with sand in Turkey. It comes first in most developed and preferable beaches in terms of tourism. There is a forest behind the beach and this makes the beach ideal for both camping and sea pleasure.

Karain Cave

Karain Cave in Antalya is one of the most natural and biggest mountains in Turkey. It was used by people in Lower Palaeolithic, Middle Palaeolithic, Upper Palaeolithic Ages, Neolithic and Chalcolithic Ages, prehistoric ages such as Early Bronze and Classical Age. Because of these experiences, it has a thick cultural filling with about 11 meters.

Perge Ancient City

Perge is a highly developed city of antiquity and the reason of this development is that it is placed on important trade roads. Perge is also an important ancient city for Christianity and it is a haunt for Saints.


The city took on the stage of history when the people of Termossos didn’t surrender the city by a strong defence when it was surrounded by Great Alexander in B.C. 333. As well as there was no life in City of Termossos after it was abandoned, it is one of the rugged and well-protected ancient places except eartquake and natural destruction.


The true address of nature holiday is Olympos. Virgin beaches, bungalows compatible with nature, thousand tones of green and blue… There are a lot of things to say about this natural beauty, but the symbol of this place is Caretta Carettas. July and August are spawning time for carettas, so you can find a chance to see them early in the morning.


Phaselis is an ancient city reachable by road and sea. It was the most important port city of East Lycia in time. You can realize from historical ruins why trade is still so important in there.

Myra (Demre) 

One of the most important cities of Lycia is Myra. It is an ancient city that hosts the best protected theater of Lycia. The remaining pieces of Lycia’s biggest theater is still standing today. It has 29 sitting lines with 9-10 thousand audience capacity. It is still used today for some festivals and games.

St. Nicholas Church

It is also known as Santa Claus Church. There are floor mosaics inside and fresco ornaments on the walls and Windows. It was builted next to Saint Nicholas grave who is known with his helpfulness.


Kekova is a beauty that nature and history telescope into one another. Transportation is made with boats. It hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year with sunken ancient town, coasts with unbelievable beauty in which yachts anchored and fisherman villages. The island which is the most popular stations of blue voyage boats and yachts is also accepted the cleanest area of Mediterranean.


Aspendos is mostly known as Roman Theater. Aspendos Theater is one of the most exclusive theaters of Roman Period of today both with its architectural features and well-protection. The architecture dedicated to Gods and Emperors of the period shows last drawings of the architecture and construction technique of Roman theater.


Side is one of the most preferable vacation areas of Antalya and it is quite popular in foreign tourists. The area holding important historical ruins from Roman Period caresses the visitors’ souls with theater and The Apollon Temple.

Side Museum

Weapon embossments from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Perids, inscriptions, statues of Roman Period which are the copies of the Old Greek originals, torsoses, sarcophaguses, portraits, ossuaries, amphoras, altars, grave steles, column headers and column bases are exhibited in the museum.

Manavgat Waterfall

Perhaps Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls of Turkey. The waterfall falling from four meter length cliffs is spreaded into a large area. Manavgat Waterfall almost enchants its visitors with its gorgeus views.

Alanya Castle and Red Tower 

The castle is the most sumptuous building of Alanya with 83 towers and 140 donjons. Red Tower, which is one of the unique example of Mediterranean Defence Structures in 13th Century Medieval, was builted to protect port, shipyard and Alanya Castle against attacks coming by sea.

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