You Have Many Reasons to Spend Your Summer Holiday in Turkey!

You Have Many Reasons to Spend Your Summer Holiday in Turkey!

13 February 2019 10:56

Believe me, there are many things and many places in this country that will surprise you and make you very happy. For you, we compiled the issues what the people from various places of the world spending their holidays in Turkey liked and found interesting…

Many Attraction Centers Completely For Free 

Stroll through the historical and meaningful memories of Istanbul's historic Covered Bazaar. Check out the Blue Mosque's excellent tile works. Taste the traditional sweet baklava. Walk along Istiklal Avenue where the movement is dominant. Swim and sunbathe on the beaches of Antalya, many of which are free.

Stay Where You Are You Will See Everything Comes to You!

Services that come to your side without leaving the beach towel, stuffed mussels…You will not be able to escape from the magnificent musics of street artists even though you are spread under an umbrella in Bodrum or have joined the locals for a night picnic in Izmir's seaside cord park. There is a really sincere and candid culture in this country. So you will really feel that everything is coming towards you with a huge sincerity.

You Will Tread on Air!

It's a magnificent feeling to start the new day spectating how the sun is risen. A rising sun with you in the hot air balloon, an astonishing walk in the cliffs created by history and cave hotels that take you away from the burning of hot air…

A Tremendous Journey to the Green

The onset of summer in the villages of the valley of Turkey's Black Sea Region is the time to take the animals to the mountains so that they can graze on the fresh untouched grass which turns green in spring. You can watch this seasonal tradition, which ended in July, in accompany with various festivals. In addition, the sound of the musical instrument called “Tulum” that is integrated with the region will fascinate your ears.

It Means Nothing For Sure Without Turkish Cuisine!

Of course, it is not possible to fit this richness that has emerged with hundreds of years of accumulation and impressed by dozens of marvelous cultures in this article. It should also be noted that the Turkish cuisine also shows differences based on the regions. Many regions such as Black Sea cuisine, Southeastern cuisine, and Central Anatolian cuisine have a rich food treasure. You’ll not be able to grasp this variety of flavor.

You’ll Think You Have Made Wrong Peeling In All Your Life

Turkish bath has a distinctive place in Turkish culture. You’d better not see these baths just places that people have bath collectively. This culture also refers to a meditation, a resting place, a peeling for all your body and even a recreation area. In Turkish bath, your body is massaged harshly with a cover made from a fabric called “kese” and your body is refined from dead skins. You’ll have to see with your own eyes how the hot water affect your body and you are refined from dead skins.

Never and Ever Without Tasting Tea and Turkish Coffee!

Even a scorching heat of summer can not stop you to drink a glass of hot tea. Turkish coffee has already an international fame but tea is indispensable for Turks. Drinking tea in a glass shaped like a tulip is almost a routine for them. They employ people just for making coffee and tea. Sipping tea during breaks is a pleasure…

You Can Prepare Yourself For Surfing in the Waves

The coasts of Turkey are not neighbour to the open ocean. So you may not imagine to stand on the waves in Turkey, but you are wrong. Surrounded by seas on three sides, the Anatolian coast is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Even though Turkey is not on the ocean coast, it has multitude of bays suitable for wind and wave surfing with its coastlines receiving plenty of wind and seas with wild waves. You can choose from different surf centers from Black Sea to Aegean Sea, from Marmara to Mediterranean.

Like Stepping Into A New World!

Travertines formed in this natural area which is a symbol of Turkey, which were crystallized through vaporizing the corbondioxides in the fountains and collapsing of the limestone in water have a miraculous beauty. This unique, natural area which resembles a cotton field was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Pamukkale travertines that are among the places in Turkey deserving to be visited is waiting for surprising you with its whitest form.

They Have Unmelting Ice-creams!

Maraş ice-cream is made up of sahlep which is actually a flour obtained from orchid tubers, melting at a controllable speed, hard, creating a delight-like sense. It melts very slowly. You may also do what the locals do and put your ice-cream between wafers. You can find it everywhere in the country, but if you want to go to the very source of it, Maraş is a city in the southern part of Turkey and is the place where ice-cream was created first.

Blue Voyage Is Waiting For You

A pure turquoise landscape and the pleasure of watching that view in a small ship that looks like a tiny hotel during a day. You will not be able to forget the wooden ships peculiar to Mediterranean coast called “Gulet” and the blue voyage.

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